What is CBD?

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol which is one of the many identified cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. CBD is non psychoactive, meaning you will not get “high” from CBD. The cannabinoid responsible for the high in cannabis, is THC.

Cannabis VS Hemp

Cannabis is hemp and hemp is cannabis. The difference lies in the amount of THC in the plant. Cannabis is classified as hemp because of little to no THC in the plant.

CBD Benefits

CBD can provide relief from chronic or acute pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, mood issues, tremors, sleep problems, blood pressure and/or blood sugar concerns, nausea, muscle recovery and so much more. According to the US department of Health and Human Services, cannabinoids are neuroprotectants

CBD legalities:

Medical marijuana CBD products will need the patient to get a health condition evaluated and approved from a medical marijuana physician. The doctor will initiate the patients registration with the Medical Marijuana Use Registry (MMUR).Then the patient will apply for the ID card through the MMUR. Once the application is approved, the patient will have an active order from the doctor and will be able to purchase medical marijuana from a licensed dispensary.

CBD supplements, sold outside of medical marijuana dispensaries, will have THC levels lower than the US legal limits of 0.3% THC, as per the Colorado Department of Agriculture and the 2014 Farm Bill Act.

Are all CBD products created equal?

With the rise of consumer demand for CBD oil, many unscrupulous companies have decided to jump on the CBD bandwagon. Products are mislabeled, poorly processed, or contain harmful additives. CBD oil may be tainted with toxic solvent residues, pesticides, corn syrup, artificial flavors and colors. Some products contain little to no actual CBD. Many stores selling CBD know very little about health and wellness and lack sufficient expertise to adequately counsel customers regarding dosing and proper usage of CBD supplements.

Sunshine Organic Herbals CBD and herbal supplements

Sunshine Organic Herbals produces only the highest quality CBD supplements that are tested for potency and also for contaminants like mold, heavy metals, pesticides and fungicides. We work one on one with each individual for proper dosaging as well as make suggestions for dietary and lifestyle changes. We also have a wide selection of vitamin & mineral supplements and herbal teas & extracts that work beautifully with CBD so you will get a personalized  health and wellness protocol to fit your needs.

“Nearly Half of People Who Use Cannabidiol (CBD) Stop Taking Traditional Medicine”                      

-Forbes Magazine